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Chinese and Western herbal products for humans and animals

Traditionally, EuroherbsPharmacy supplies Chinese herbal medicinal products. In association with the NatuurApotheek we are able to prepare all herbal medicinal products by ourselves as well, including all Western medicinal herbal products. We guarantee the highest quality and purity of all raw materials.

Chinese granules, hydrophilic concentrates and raw Chinese herbs*
Western dry extracts, tinctures and raw Western herbs*

Besides self-composed Chinese and Western herbal formulas we also supply products from brands such as MRL, Maciocia, and Spring Wind. Acupuncture needles from brands such as Seirin, Marco Polo, Hwa Dong Bang, Shenzhou, Orca Advanced and Tian Xie are available from stock.

We supply products for animals from the brands Jing Tang and Kan Herbals.

Everything you need for your Chinese or Western naturopathic practice can be ordered from us. Doctors and therapists can open an account. In our web shop, you will find an overview of a part of our product range. This range is constantly expanding. All products and formulas not available in the web shop can be ordered by email:

On behalf of the EuroherbsPharmacy team,
Drs. Edwin G. Lipperts, pharmacist/Phyto therapist

Weteringweg 14
2641 KM Pijnacker
The Netherlands
Phone +31(0)15 3694585
CC 60666803

* Chinese dry extracts are often called granules. Hydrophilic liquid concentrates are Chinese extracts without alcohol. Liquid Western extracts are also referred to as tinctures because of the presence of alcohol.

Do you want to order a custom made prescription or a self composed formula? Please go to the prescription site of the NatuurApotheek.



- Example CoA (Certificate of Analysis).
- Privacy statement of EuroherbsPharmacy

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