About us

Euroherbs was first established in 1998 in Westervoort, the Netherlands, and continued in 2014 as EuroherbsPharmacy in Pijnacker. Since September 2023, Euroherbs has been based in Simpelveld. Euroherbs became widely known as a supplier of Chinese phytotherapeutic products. Since EuroherbsPharmacy is now located in the same building as “de NatuurApotheek”, medics and practitioners from all over Europe may now order Chinese phytotherapeutic products as well as western phytotherapeutic products from this web shop. In the near future also orthomolecular products.

The cooperation with “de NatuurApotheek” means that custom formulae can be made to order such as Chinese granulates and hydrophile concentrates, dry and fluid western extracts and western tinctures, even raw Chinese or western herbs. “De Natuurapotheek” warrants the highest possible quality and purity of all components used. Well known “de NatuurApotheek” brands such as KAN, MRL, Maciocia, and Springwind are now also available to EuroherbsPharmacy customers. Acupuncture needles from various brands such as Seirin, Marco Polo, Hwa, DongBang, Shenzhou, Orca Advanced and Tian Xie are available from our stocks, as are a host of veterinary products from KAN and Jing Tang.

To sum up, everything that you need for your Chinese or western phytotherapy practice can be ordered through the web shop www.euroherbsshop.nl or by email to info@euroherbs.nl.

EuroherbsPharmacy BV
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6369 TG Simpeldveld
The Netherlands (NL)
CoC 60666803
Phone +31(0)15-3694585
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Email info@euroherbs.nl

We guarantee the highest quality and purity of all raw materials.