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Tendon/Ligament 200 Teapills
[JA2050T2] - [Dr. Xie's Jing Tang Herbal, Inc.]
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Tendons, ligaments and sinews, called "Jin" in TCVM, are the most vulnerable body parts in athletic animals. Tendon-ligament injuries, including bowed tendons, are perhaps the most dreaded of all problems in competitive horses, especially racehorses. No allopathic medicine or surgery has proven to be effective, and recurrence of the same injury is common. Six months of rest is generally recommended following those treatments to allow the tendons/ligaments to regain their strength.

Chinese herbal medicines have been used for treatment of martial arts injuries for centuries. They also prevent injuries by specifically strengthening tendons and ligaments. The Liver dominates and controls the tendons and ligaments by supplying and nourishing them with Blood and Yin. Weakness or poor growth of tendons and ligaments is usually considered to be Liver Yin/Blood Deficiency. The key to treating tendon/ligament problems is to nourish Liver Yin and Blood.

Tendon/Ligament Formula focuses on nourishing Liver Yin and Blood and strengthening ligaments and tendons. It can be used for chronic ligament and tendon problems. In order to hasten healing of injuries, combine the formula with topical application of Relief Salve (K9010). After three months of administering Chinese herbal medications to affected horses, there was sonographic evidence of completely healed tendons. 
Western Medical Indications:
Chronic tendonitis
Mechanical damage to tendon
Torn tendon
Weakness or poor growth of tendon and ligament
TCVM Indications: Cracked hooves/paws
Dry eyes
Liver Yin with Blood Deficiency
Pain in tendons
Poor growth or weakness of tendon
Pulse: Thready and weak
Tongue: Dry without coating
Dosage for Horse: 15 g twice daily as top dressing on feed 
Dosage for Dog/Cat:
0.5 g per 10 to 20 lb body weight twice daily 
Use as needed up to 6 months. 

Chinese Principles of Treatment: Nourish Liver Yin and Blood, strengthen tendons and ligaments 
Classical Antecedent: Bu Gan Qiang Jin San 
Ingredients: Bai Shao-Paeonia, Gu Zhi-Psoralea, Chuan Xiong-Ligusticum, Dang Gui-Angelica, Gou Qi Zi-Lycium, Gui Zhi-Cinnamomum,
Niu Xi-Achyranthes, Sang Zhi-Morus, Shan Zhu Yu-Cornus, Shu Di Huang-Rehmannia, Wu Jia Pi-Acanthopanax,
Yin Yang Huo-Epimedium

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