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Hindquarter Weakness concentr. 3g (1x3g)
[JA2090-3CP] - [Dr. Xie's Jing Tang Herbal, Inc.]
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Concentrated Hindquarter Weakness      
Formula Code: A2090C

Western Medical Indications:

  • Hindquarter weakness
  • Sore and weak back
  • TCVM Indications:

  • Dry skin, thirsty
  • General weakness
  • Kidney Qi and Yin Deficiency
  • Pulse: Very deep, thready and weak
  • Rear weakness
  • Tongue: Red and dry or pale and wet

    Dosage for Horse:

    3 g twice daily as top dressing on feed

    Dosage for Dog/Cat:

    0.1 g - 0.2 g per 10 lb body weight twice daily


    Use as needed up to 6 months.

    Chinese Principles of Treatment:

    Tonify Kidney, strengthen back and hind limbs, move Qi, relieve pain

    Clinical Studies:

    Small Animal Dosage Example 10 lb - 1/16 packet twice daily 20 lb - 1/8 packet twice daily 40 lb - 1/4 packet twice daily 80 lb - 1/2 packet twice daily

    Classical Antecedent:

    Bu Qi Zi Yin Tang

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