Maciocia's Three Treasures


Maciocia's Three Treasures

The Three Treasures, Women's Treasure and Little Treasures - Classical Herbal Formulae for the Modern World

Created by Giovanni Maciocia, World-Renowned Author and Practitioner of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine, based on his over 39 years of research and clinical experience.

Classical Formulae for the Modern World. Created for practitioners, classical Chinese formulae and modern originals based on his years of research and clinical experience.
Traditional Formulae for the Modern Woman. Women's Treasure products are based on classical Chinese formulaes with special added focus and consideration on women's health issues.

Ancient Formulae for the Modern Child. These products address some of the most common children’s complaints and are formulated to keep into account children’s distinctive aetiology and pathology.

You can download the 9th edition of the Three Treasures and Women's Treasure Manual And you can download the Little Treasures Manual
You can also order the manual as a booklet.

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